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Connect with us

Connect with us

St. Peter and the Missions

85 Toronto St. S.,

P.O.Box 513

Markdale, ON  


Tel: 519.986.7445

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Parish Priest: Rev. Grayson Hope

St. Peter Church Durham, Durham, Catholic, Christian

St. Peter's Church

704 Garafraxa St. North (Hwy 6),

Durham, ON

St Joseph Church, Markdale, Christian, Catholic

St. Joseph's 


85 Toronto St S

(Hwy 10)


St. John Church, Glenelg, Catholic, Christian

St. John's


Con. Rd. 4 &

Glenelg Rd. 23 

Glenelg, ON

St. Paul Church, Dornoch, Catholic, Christian

St. Paul's Church

South of Dornoch

(Hwy 6)

Dornoch, ON

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